Consultingfeatured-doctumsJuly 28, 2021by doc7um5-61ob412407Dr. Emilio Baños Joins Doctums Global Advisory Board


Dr. Emilio José Baños Ardavín earned an undergraduate degree in Chemistry Engineering from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), an MBA from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), and a doctorate in History of Thought from Universidad Panamericana (UP).

At the beginning of 2012, he was invited to be a member of UPAEP’s Governing Board. In November of that year, he left his appointment on the Board to accept the position of Chief Executive Officer of Human Development and Administration. Later in April of 2013, the Governing Board elected him President of UPAEP for the period from August 2013 to July 2016. Since then, he has been reelected two times, first in May of 2016 and again in August 2019, each time for three years.

“The addition of Dr. Baños to our Advisory Board represents a significant milestone in our growth by bringing much needed international and institutional knowledge to bear” said Wesley Matthews, President and Managing Partner of Doctums Global. “His successful career in both business and education uniquely positions him to advise a company like Doctums”, Mr. Matthews added.

On this appointment, Dr. Baños commented: “Doctums Global enters the market at a time when Higher Education faces the challenge of reconfiguring itself to respond to the challenges of the communities it serves.”
“The core of Doctums is the founding management team, whose profiles stand out for the variety of experiences, both in educational institutions and with the vendors who support them, and the conviction they share regarding the transformative power of higher education”, Dr. Baños continued. “Doctums is a partner for higher education institutions that are searching for relevant and optimal technological solutions in service of their educational mission.”



The Doctums Global Advisory Board provides critical advice and governance in support of the successful realization of our mission and vision.

  • The Advisory Board is going to inform our awareness and connection to the higher education market as it evolves and undergoes change in these extra-ordinary times
  • They will help us determine the best way to grow the company and maintain profitability while maintaining the highest standards for client success and experience
  • The advisory board will help guide our product development and roadmap
  • We will also look to our advisory board to influence our approach to corporate social responsibility and education community engagement